Stare into the sun … the latest step in our logo design :)

The logo drafts in the upper left corner are made by my brother Markus. When I’ve seen the last update – very creative – I’ve immediately thought about this song, enjoy:

We now already have some drafts, but are thinking of starting an online poll, so you can support us finding the favorite.

PS.: Of course I work all the time in the background on finishing the first test system. The current time plan has the goal to finish two test systems and the crowdfunding video till beginning/mid of August this year.

Stay tuned!

Time-lapse video of the latest solar thermal system, mounted by the Solarmaschts!

Solar thermal system time-lapse construction: Tanks, piping, substructure, collectors, controller – everything in 4min. ! from solarthermienator on Vimeo.

Latest 2012 project of the Solarmaschts:
Brand new DHW & space heating support solar thermal system with 15m² collector gross surface, 2x 1000L tanks, speed controlled solar high efficiency pump & heat meter with vortex sensor.
An installation from 1986 was disassembled and also the wood heater is beeing replaced by a brand new pellets burner.

enjoy your life, but save the planet! B-)

… with his fresh founded – yet secret – solar company: like pls !!